Sunday, February 27, 2011

New News for Noisy Newsers

* Check out our ground level: "The F.F. Fortress club house - 3 floors and 2 dungeon levels. The Lookout Tower, dancefloor, town square and Cottages for rent. Bring your horse and ride around.

* FoxyFluffs products are now being listed on and a pay terminal being installed on Sim ground level here at Hestia.

* Don't forget we have a group SandBox too.

Remember, there are many ways to get to YOUR Group Home. LM's, or just type: Hestia ; on big map (we own the sim), search classified for: FoxyFluffs or for: Furry or you can just TP off of Boo Zipper's picks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FoxyFluffs New Home

FoxyFluffs is now located on the brand new full sim of Hestia.
We are extremely happy to have our own sim, which to call home.

Visit and enjoy:

Ground level with English Medieval / Tudor Theme

Club FoxyFluffs in the air with 2 dance floors, lounge and Cabaret

Our Open Aire Marketplace in the sky.